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Formed in 2011 by long-time musical sympathisers and ex 'Pot Boilers' Michael Bennett and James Paul, Toronto's 'Garage Baby' carries the ethos and axioms of late 70s punk and pays it back and forward with raging vengeance and swaggering conviction.

Originally conceived as a punk power trio when Michael and James convinced journeyman drummer Claude Kent that Garage Baby is the best band that he'll ever be in, this nascent trio was unexpectedly hijacked at one of their first live shows by stalwart punk rock guitarist and Queen West elder statesman Adam Faux. After witnessing the band's live fury, musical might and Michael's prophetic vocal delivery, Adam brashly informed the band he was now their new lead guitarist.

With just shy of two-hundred years of musical experience and street cred between the four band members, for the uninitiated Garage Baby is; real, vital, convincing, in your face, evocative, compelling, what's truly needed and the epitome of three chords and the truth. This band makes no musical compromises: they do it their way and play with a ragged bravado that lets all within ear-shot know they have nothing to lose. Their live shows are undeniable and leave each stage they conquer with a musical crater that few could fill. With nothing to prove, GArage Baby chooses to carry the punk rock torch out of contempt for contemporary music's complacent malaise and fakery. In the words of the legendary Joe Strummer; "phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust".


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released November 1, 2011



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GARAGE BABY Toronto, Ontario

Classic Garage Punk
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